About us

Who we are

Sobaka Pavlova is passionate about making users happy. That is why we have been improving human-computer interactions since 2012. In other words, we are the ones to fill the gap between naive users (your customers) and complex ICT-solutions provided (or employed) by your company. Management, analysis, design, requirements, specifications, growth hacking — anything in IT except for programming.

Where we are

We are headquartered in Saint Petersburg, Russian second largest and most European city. Our team consists of full-time project managers, UX designers, analysts and copywriters: in total, 15 professionals with international experience. International subsidiary registered in Estonia, while our representatives are located also in New-York, USA and Zürich, Switzerland. All of us use a set of proven telecommuting tools to keep in touch with the rest of the team and with our clients on a daily basis.


Most of what we have done is confidential, but we are proud to name several international companies that have trusted us to become their contractors. They are YIT, Viking Line, ITE Medical Center and The City of Helsinki from Finland, Wargaming and Servers.com from Cyprus, Guidewire from UK, Paradise Marbella Realty from Spain, FastVPS from Estonia, Mojo-Jojo from Latvia, ServiceWhale from USA. And a range of Russian enterprises: Yandex, Sberbank, Yota and Russian Railways, to name a few.


Enterprise UX Design

If what you want is to improve the quality of everyday work for your employees or customers, we can help you with the redesign of your existing system or with building a new complex product from scratch.

Using an agile approach to building UX, our analysts and UI-designers can adapt to your release cycle and, together with your development team, deliver the industry-best user experience to people who work with enterprise software.

We have worked on web-based, mobile and desktop software, including CRM, document management and enterprise content management systems, financial services, admin panels, workflow and collaboration tools, BPMS, knowledge bases and interactive kiosks.

Omni-channel Customer Experience

If your goal is to increase such KPIs of your business as the Conversion Rate or Net Promoter Score, you should listen to your customers and anticipate their needs.

To help you with this, we analyse consumer behaviour and inspect every point where the customer interacts with your brand over digital channels. We map customer requirements and expectations to align them with your resources and capabilities.

As a result, we will offer you a detailed plan of activities to make your product useful, usable and accessible for your target consumers. We will do our best to increase the number of your promoters, and to make sure nothing stops your customers from telling everyone that they love your brand.

Digital Product Design

Sometimes an idea needs to be shaped and visualized before discussing it with stakeholders or technology partners.

We use the design thinking approach in order to develop concepts for new digital products and services. We test every concept, select the best one and turn it into a high-fidelity interactive prototype that you can present to decision makers.

Our experience covers e-commerce websites, media and entertainment projects, mobile apps and games, social networks and cloud services.

Russian Market Entry

Latest case: website for YIT.

We help international businesses to reach Russian customers and gain their trust and loyalty. Our recommendations are always based on the in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour, habits, and expectations.

We are happy to provide foreign companies with content management services: translating websites, adapting user interface texts for Russian consumers, composing FAQs and user guides in Russian. We never do literal translation. Instead, we adhere to best practices in order to find commonly used equivalents.

Furthermore, Russia is not limited to Moscow and Saint Petersburg. There are in total 15 cities with a population over 1M. We have our partners in every one of them to take care of local customer support and all marketing activities if you want to expand your customer base beyond Russia’s two famous megaregions.

Design Methods

User-Centered Design, Design Thinking, Brainstorming, Bodystorming, Participatory Design, Card Sorting, Customer Journey Mapping, Information Architecture, Concept Mapping, Wireframing, Rapid Prototyping, Agile UX Coaching, Expert Evaluation, Competitor Study, Storyboarding, Personas & Scenarios, User Interviews, Cognitive Walkthrough, User Needs Analysis, Hypothesis Testing, Continuous UX, Usability Audit, Internet Buzz Analysis, Web Metrics.

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