YIT Group aims at being a leading European residential construction company. It has been building and selling houses for over a century – since 1912. Today YIT operates in eight countries (Finland, Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) and has more then 6,000 employees. Company’s shares are listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki.

The company’s business structure is complex, featuring various offers and various markets. This is why there are numerous sites to cater for each line of business.  Selling residential real estate in Europe to buyers from Russia has become one of such lines of business that required a dedicated website .


Our goal was to design a website for the Russian-speaking customer who is looking for general information about buying an apartment abroad, and wants to choose an apartment in one of YIT’s buildings in Europe. The site should be created using the corporate Sitefinity CMS. YIT’s IT department was responsible for technical implementation of the website based on design and content provided by us.


In the above conditions, the design is similar to building from “bricks”, the functional modules that have already been implemented in the corporate CMS. The “bricks” can be assembled in different ways, and it is primarily the content that is of value to the user rather then the form. For such cases, we have the “Content-first website” product: we find out what users are interested in, create the content users need and shape it in the light of all kinds of limitations. For example, in this project we were taking into consideration not only the peculiarities of the platform, but also a number of integration issues and rather rigid requirements of client’s marketing department.


The yiteurope.ru site was launched on time, and the highest level of quality possible at the moment was ensured. The YIT enterprise received a new sales and marketing tool, which resulted in new phone calls and first sales.

YIT Project by the Numbers

weeks to market
Skype conferences
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to-dos completed

We are happy with the work and its results. The schedule and scope of works we had agreed upon were mainly followed. There were some minor hiccups concerning various issues, but our colleagues responded to any of our comments without delay, taking them into consideration and making changes and improvements. It was important for us, that the user interface was designed with regard to the specific nature of our corporate CMS platform. Sobaka Pavlova team audited the site before and after it was launched, and we received the list of necessary corrections.

I think that the key benefits of Sobaka Pavlova’s work are its professional excellence and the way it cares about customers, the end users of the web site as well as us and our business targets. Another important aspect worth noting is the team’s complete honesty. They know perfectly well what they excel at and when to turn to other specialists; all questions are subject to sincere and open discussion, so you can be sure no-one is going to take advantage of you here.

It was an excellent job, guys, thank you! :)

— Natalia Kohvakko,
digital services development manager,
YIT Group, Finland


  • Olga Pavlova, art director
  • Zahhar Kirillov, design manager & analyst
  • Zaur Giyasov, UI designer
  • Ekaterina Koda, copywriter
  • Natalya Vitko, editor & proofreader


September 2014

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